Montezuma Fire
Protection District
Montezuma Fire Protection District (Headquarters)
21 N 4th Street
Rio Vista, CA 94571
Phone (707)374-5962
Fax (707)374-4999
For an Emergency for
Fire, Police or Medical
For an Emergency for
Fire, Police or Medical
hazardous materials response, full vehicle extrication, and 24-hour basic life support services. The District
performs fire code plan checks, inspection, and enforcement; participates in educational activities to increase
community awareness of fire safety and prevention; and conducts fire investigations within its jurisdiction.  
The Department services the town of Birds Landing, Collinsville, Hastings Island, Prospect Island, Ryer Island
and Holland Tract.

The Montezuma Fire Protection District most current
ISO Ratings are:
Outside of 5 miles of the City Limits  -
Class 6/6Y
Within 5 miles of City Limits - Class 6/6Y
Ryer Island Fire District - Class 6/6Y
Montezuma Fire District covers
approximately 200 square mile of mostly
farmland and pastures lands.
Montezuma is a combination
department with a paid Fire Chief, 1
paid Deputy Chief, 2 Paid Captains,
3 Volunteer Captains, 4 Volunteer
Engineers and 14 Volunteer
Firefighters. January 1, 2004
Montezuma merged with Ryer Island
Fire Protection District which covers
approximately 30 square miles.
Montezuma runs out of two stations.
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Montezuma Fire
Protection District